Join The EDGE Lab

The EDGE Lab brings together a multi-disciplinary team of researchers interested in a variety of topics in physical geography, human geography, economics and econometrics, climate change, resource access, health, and population.

Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in joining the EDGE Lab are encouraged to review both the Department and University requirements for application. In addition, please email Dr. Baylis prior to the application deadline to discuss your research interests. Correspondence should include a brief statement about your research interests.

Undergraduate Researchers

Your time as a undergraduate student is a great time to learn more about the process of research, investigate topics you're curious about, and to develop you analytical skills. If you're interested in working with the EDGE Lab, please contact Dr. Baylis with your current major and specific research interests. Skills in statistics, data science and GIS are desirable.

We also encourage you to visit the UCSB Undergrad Research resource center to learn more about the Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP) and the Undergraduate Reserach & Creative Activities (URCA) grants.


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