Economic Development, Geography & Environment

Welcome to the EDGE Lab

The Economic Development, Geography & Environment (EDGE) Lab in the Department of Geography the University of California Santa Barbara is a multidisciplinary group of scholars and researchers focused on global issues such as climate change impacts, food insecurity, agricultural policy, migration and accessibility.

Led by Dr. Kathy Baylis, the EDGE Lab brings together economists, physical and human geographers, GIScientists, industry professionals and stakeholders to untangle complex challenges facing our world. Our lab seeks to drive change that improves the livelihoods of people around the world and to create effective methodologies for prediction, detection and risk mitigation. We invite you to explore our team, browse our current projects, review our publications and follow along as we study and explore the world.



UCSB Henley Gate

The University of California Santa Barbara Department of Geography sits on the beautiful Pacific Ocean coastline just north of Los Angeles. Our diverse department of geographers allows us to explore research topics from a multidisciplinary perspective and for us to explore people, climate, culture, economics, policy and conservation collaboratively. The University of California Santa Barbara is situated on the unceded lands of the Chumash, we encourage you to learn more about the Chumash by visiting the Chumash Foundation.